Please visit our DEMO online meeting room before attending your first online meeting.

Click on one of the links below to enter the demo room. To take full advantage of all the features of the online meeting room, we recommend to use one of the latest versions of the Chrome browser. With the Chrome browser you will be able to use all features including screen sharing. 


Your first steps in the online meeting room should be:

  1. Enter the online meeting room and unmute your microphone which is initially automatically muted by clicking on the crossed-out microphone symbol (1).
  2. If you want to turn on your camera to start a live video broadcast, please click on the camera icon (2).
  3. The participant who first enters the online meeting room has the moderator (presentation) rights at the beginning. This is indicated by the „screen icon“ (3) in the participant list. If you want to hand over the presentation rights, click on the person icon (4) to the left of the name of your conversation partner. Alternatively, your meeting partner can do this himself.
  4. Invite additional colleagues/ experts to your online meeting by sending them the inviation link. This is only possible if the invitation feature is offered by the conference organiser.
  5. The presenter has the option of uploading a presentation using the upload button (5) or sharing his screen using the screen-sharing button (6).
  6. Start your presentation.




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